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Welcome to Atkinson Elementary

Home of the All-Stars

Atkinson Elementary School is an inclusive learning environment growing with positive energy and effort. Our school community embraces the philosophy and goals of North Andover Public Schools around academic and social expectations. Our mission is to cultivate a safe, respectful community of students who can critically-think and communicate effectively while preparing for their next levels of learning.

Atkinson School is the "Home of the All-Stars" and it’s also the birthplace of our town's RAISE values: Respect, Achievement, Inclusion, Service & Empathy. Our students are encouraged to be high achievers and productive citizens and to demonstrate RAISE values everyday. Atkinson educators present our children opportunities for academic and social-emotional growth that build on our community values and beliefs.

We expect our 365 students in grades 1-5 to be the all-stars of today and tomorrow; good and smart people who lead by example. As a community of talented teachers and supportive families, we'll be RAISE-ing the bar as high as we can for our children. This year, we want every all-star kid and adult to go out and prove that RAISE is the Craze!

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    Dear North Andover Public Schools Families,

    We are writing to you today to update you on the status of the recently discovered North Andover Public Schools budget deficit for the FY’24 budget, as well as the impact of that on the planned FY’25 budget that will be voted upon at Town Meeting in a couple of weeks.   Most importantly, we want to assure you that as a School Committee, we are working diligently and directly to address these problems and that our highest priority is to ensure that the education of our children continues at the highest quality for the remainder of this school year and into the next.  Importantly, the School Committee will present the same bottom line budget at Town Meeting that we approved in February.   

    The impact of this deficit, as well as the burden it has placed on our community, are serious matters that must be further explored.  Following the best practices in situations like this, it was appropriate and in full conformance with the Superintendent’s contract, to place the Superintendent on fully paid administrative leave, so that an independent review conducted by a neutral third party could be made into the matter.   The Superintendent receives full compensation and benefits during this time period, and the administrative leave is not punitive and is without prejudice.   At the April 25th meeting, many statements were made during public comment that inaccurately portrayed the situation as well as the actions of the committee.  In the coming days, we plan to clarify and address many of those statements and will communicate via the NAPS web site.  We appreciate the community having patience as we work together in the best interests of the district.
    We intend for this review to be conducted as soon as practically possible and to be completed as soon as possible.  Among the goals of the review is to ensure this does not repeat in the future, to determine how such a large deficit could not be discovered and identified sooner, whether our financial systems and processes that are in place are adequate or need improvement, and whether any changes in our organizational structure are necessary.   

    The School Committee was notified in the February 1st meeting that there was pressure on the budget, and about $1.5M of expenses that were anticipated to be in excess of their budgeted amounts.    The next notice of a problem was not until April 18th, and the scope is much larger, a net $3.1M deficit remains.   We worked with the Town Manager and have already sought bids from professional consulting services firms to conduct a complete review of the situation.  We intend to engage a firm as soon as possible to begin this work and act that it be completed as soon as possible. The deliverable will be a comprehensive written report of their findings, conclusions, and recommendations.

    We want to assure the public that if involuntary staff reductions become necessary, we will be fully transparent as to the process used to determine those reductions.

    Ms. Pamela Lathrop, presently our Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning, has agreed to serve as Acting Superintendent for this interim period.  Ms. Lathrop is an accomplished educator and administrator.   We ask that you support her and the professional administrative staff during this challenging period of time.


    North Andover School Committee

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    Health Impacts of Vaping and Secondhand Vape on

    Lungs • Brain • Heart • Skin • Reproductivity • Bones

    Thursday, May 2

    7:00 pm to 8:00 pm

    Stevens Memorial Library

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    Presentation and discussion led by

    Adolis Ramos, RT, BS, Program Manager

    Greater Lawrence Family Health Center



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    Welcome to the Kittredge Elementary School Building Project FAQ! 

    Please visit the project website here:

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Why do we need a new elementary school building? 

    Kittredge Elementary School was originally constructed in 1949, the total square footage of the building totals approximately 32,434 square feet. Four pod modular classroom buildings were attached in 2010, and a prefabricated gymnasium building was erected in 2013. 

    The mechanical, plumbing, and electrical systems have been renovated over the years, but the original components are beyond their useful life and are beginning to fail. Some of the mechanical systems that need replacing include the steam boilers and the entire steam system, and the condensing gas fired boilers. The existing plumbing systems and fixtures do not meet current building codes and are not ADA compliant. The electrical lighting systems need to be replaced, including the emergency lighting and fire alarm systems. Security and technology upgrades throughout the entire school are needed as well.  

    The dated envelope of the building is also in poor condition, resulting in excessive energy consumption. The roof needs to be completely replaced, and there are masonry cracks and damaged brick on the façade. All exterior doors and windows need exterior sealant replacements.  

    The existing building is not handicap accessible and does not meet current accessibility codes. Entrances are in need of handicap accessibility upgrades. Vertical lifts or ramps need to be added at the lobby to the upper classroom area, and elevators need to be installed. 

    The entire building is outdated and does not support an educational model that meets the needs of today’s students. A new elementary school will provide a healthy and modern learning environment that will allow both students and staff to thrive. 

    Please view the entire FAQ  document here:  English   Spanish   Portuguese 


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