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About Us

View of Atkinson Elementary as seen from the road.

Atkinson Elementary School is an inclusive learning environment growing with positive energy and effort. Our school community embraces the philosophy and goals of North Andover Public Schools around academic and social expectations. Our mission is to cultivate a safe, respectful community of students who can critically-think and communicate effectively while preparing for their next levels of learning.

Atkinson School is the "Home of the All-Stars" and it’s also the birthplace of our town's RAISE values: Respect, Achievement, Inclusion, Service & Empathy. Our students are encouraged to be high achievers and productive citizens and to demonstrate RAISE values everyday. Atkinson educators present our children opportunities for academic and social-emotional growth that build on our community values and beliefs.

We expect our 365 students in grades 1-5 to be the all-stars of today and tomorrow; good and smart people who lead by example. As a community of talented teachers and supportive families, we'll be RAISE-ing the bar as high as we can for our children. This year, we want every all-star kid and adult to go out and prove that RAISE is the Craze!


Erin O'Loughlin - Principal
Ellen Peters - Asst. Principal
Leanne McGah - Special Ed Evaluation Team Leader  
Marnie Mckay-Perry - Secretary


Atkinson Elementary School 
111 Phillips Brooks Road
North Andover, MA 01845

Phone Numbers

978-794-0124 - Main Number 
978-396-2955 - Fax Number
978-557-7908 - School Nurse
978-794-1895 - Food & Nutrition

School Info 

DESE Report Cards 
NCES Code: 25-08700-01393