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Congratulations Atkinson Class of 2021

Congratulations Atkinson Class of 2021

Congratulations Atkinson class of 2021! I am so excited to celebrate this wonderful group of students. They have worked hard through a challenging year and a half and shone bright when times were tough. As the family of a fifth grader, I also want to congratulate you. We could not do it without your help and assistance. This group of students are true All-Stars. I will miss each one of them. Be sure to have them come back and visit. Once an All-Star, always an All-Star!

Join Atkinson School tomorrow at 11:00 am by meeting on the football field by the track to clap out our fifth graders. Additionally, please click on the following link to watch the 5th graduation ceremony.

I hope you have a wonderful summer full of fun and relaxation!!! Thank you for all of your support this year.


Erin O'Loughlin