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Promoting Mathematical Thinking at Home

How to help your child even if you don’t have all the answers... 

  • Have your child explain what concepts they are learning
  • Ask questions:
    • Can you explain?
    • What strategy did you use?
    • How else can you solve it?
  • Be positive about your child’s math education

Promote mathematical thinking:

  • Encourage a “growth mindset” - being good at math is about working hard and persevering.

  • has some great articles and activities.

  • Have fun with activities that involve math such as:

    • working on art projects that use geometric shapes

    • cooking (measuring, combining)

    • shopping (comparing prices, weighing, sales)

    • playing card games, games with dice, board games with strategic thinking

  • Kids Stop will also be doing Crazy 8 Math Club activities starting in January 2018

  • Stevens Memorial Library holds “Crazy 8 Math Club” on Thursdays after school

  • Reading:

    • Sir Cumfrence

    • Marylin Burns 

    • Greg Tang

  • Bedtime Math App or Bedtime Math Books (

Fluency support at home

Check out these fun math games!